Techniques - the techniques you need to know to be an MMA official

We stress to everyone that COMMAND is not here to teach people about the striking & grappling arts, we are strictly here to teach you about how to be a proficient official in MMA... The knowledge base needed to become a proficient official can only come from being familiar with sport and the language and terms used within our sport. If you are not familiar, please get yourself into a local grappling school by either watching or actually participating in it yourself so you can understand how the holds and positions work. If you are not an active participant in some form of grappling (Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, wrestling, sambo), we strongly suggest you print the MMA techniques that are listed below and take them to a local grappling facility to have them teach you each move, explaining how they work and what body part they affect as you MUST know this. If you are unable to do this, extensive research on the internet may help (however, please be aware that many times the moves that are shown online may be outdated or partially incorrect).  We do not have any type of pre-study materials, because the course is so hands-on.  You can also download the ABC's Unified Rules for MMA and study them, as they are a big part of the course.

The following is a list of techniques that you will need to know (Updated March 2019):


Ankle Pick, Arm Drag, Body Lock Takedown, Double Leg, Duck Under, Fireman Carry, Flying Scissor Takedown or Leg Scissor, Harai-Goshi, Head & Arm Toss or Head & Arm Throw, High Crotch, Hip Toss, Inside Trip, Iranian Lift, Knee Pick, Knee Tap, Lateral Drop, Osoto-Gari, Outside Trip, Pile Driver, Power Bomb, Sei-Onagi, Single Leg, Sprawl, Suplex, Switch, Tai-Otoshi, Uchi-Mata, Whizzer, Tomoe Nage.


Americana or Key lock, Anaconda Choke, Ankle Lock, Ankle Lock from Back Control, Arm Triangle, Armbar, Bar Arm Choke,  Bicep Slicer/Lock, Buggy Choke, Bulldog Choke, Calf Slicer or Calf Lock, Can Opener, Cobra/Ninja Choke, Crucifix Neck Crank, Darce Choke, Double Armbar, Double Wrist Lock/ Kimura, Reverse Grip Kimura, Electric Chair, Ezekiel or Front Choke, Oleinik Sytle Eziekel, Face Crank, Gogoplata, Guillotine Choke, Head & Arm Control Shoulder Lock, Head & Arm Control Straight Arm Lock, Heel Hook, Inverted Arm Bar, Inverted Heel Hook, Knee Bar, North-South Choke, Omaplata, Peruvian Neck Tie/De Souza, Rear Naked Choke,  Front Naked Choke, Reverse Triangle Choke, Rolling Knee Bar, Straight Arm Lock, Toe Hold, Triangle Choke, Twister, Von Flue Choke, Vaporizer, Windshield Wiper Choke, Barataplata, Pace Choke, Lace Kimura, Japanese Necktie, Wrist Locks (Cow Hand & Goose Neck), Marceloplata, Suloev Stretch.


Back Control, Back Control from Turtle, Butterfly Guard, Clinch, Closed Guard, Crucifix, Double Underhooks, Half Guard, Half Guard Lockdown, Judo Side Control, Mission Control, Mount, North-South, Open Guard, Overhooks, Plum or Muay Thai Clinch, Posture in Guard, Quarter Guard, Rear Mount, Side Control, Turtle, Underhooks, X-Guard, Cross Face, Head Snap, Cradle, Turk/Leg Ride, Leg Lace. Grips: Gable, 2on1, "S", Butterfly, Gokor, Seat Belt, 10 Finger, Ball & Socket.


100% Sweep, Double Ankle Sweep from Guard, Electric Chair Sweep, Elevator Hook Sweep, Butterfly Sweep, Half Guard Escape to Single Leg, Hip Heist, Old School Sweep, Scissor Sweep, Sit Out, Flower Sweep, Berimbolo (no-gi).


Axe Kick, Front Kick, Jab, Left Hook, Leg Check, Overhand Right, Push Kick, Right Cross, Round House Kick, Side Kick, Spinning Back Fist, Spinning Back Kick, Spinning Elbow (Sok Klab), Stomp, Uppercut, Wheel Kick, Dutch Block, Linear Knee Strike, Knees, Swing Knees, Elbow Slash (Sok Ti), Question Mark Kick.